Carpet Cleaning Information

If you have never used a carpet cleaning service before, then you might want to know more about the different types of cleaning that we can perform at Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ .  Here is a quick rundown of the carpet cleaning services we offer, all throughout New Jersey.

Our Careful, Effective, and Safe Approach to Carpet Cleaning

For many homeowners, carpet cleaning begins and ends with one product: the vacuum cleaner.  Here at Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we offer you a number of carpet cleaning services.  Based on your carpet’s unique qualities, our professionals will help you select the best carpet cleaning service to most effectively remove any kind of stains, spots, or odors from your carpet.  All of our services use completely safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are certified for use in the home.

As the first step in our carpet cleaning process, we will carefully examine your carpet to help you determine which cleaning method will work the best.  The right method depends on all of your carpet’s unique qualities—including the type of carpet material, the manufacturer of the carpet, and the carpet’s condition.

Conventional Carpet Cleaning

Some of the most common conventional carpet cleaning methods are hot water extraction, dry extraction, and dry foam cleaning.  Hot water extraction is what a lot of people refer to as “steam cleaning.”  “Steam cleaning” doesn’t actually use steam, though.  Instead, it uses a cleaning solution heated to a very high temperature, which goes deep into the carpet to extract dirt and dust particles. The process gives your carpet an amazingly deep and thorough cleaning.

Dry extraction cleaning is one of the easiest types of carpet cleaning, because it’s safe for even the most delicate kinds of carpet.  In dry extraction, we use a compound that’s a combination of a dry extraction powder and a dry solvent.  The dry extraction powder acts like a sponge that quickly and effectively sucks up the dirt and dust particles in the carpet.

Dry foam cleaning is another type of dry cleaning that’s extremely effective in removing dust mites, mold, and other unwanted houseguests.  In dry foam cleaning, we use a cleaning solution that’s been whipped up into foam.  We apply that foam with a carpet cleaner, and then remove it with a wet/dry vacuum.

Organic Cleaning

In recent years, more and more of our customers have been requesting organic cleaning services.  As a result, we have extensively investigated the available technologies, and, now, we are proud to offer our customers organic cleaning options for almost all of the cleaning services that Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ performs. While all of the cleaning products that Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ uses are completely safe for home use, organic cleaning offers our customers the choice of using products that are all-natural and just as effective as regular cleaners.

Organic cleaning products work a little differently from the conventional cleaning processes described above.  A large number of carpet problems are caused by different types of particles buried deep within your carpet.  Organic cleaners use natural enzymes to break down and devour those dirts, soils, oils, bacteria, grease, bacteria, and all other kinds of other organic contaminants that can cause spotting and odors within your carpet.  The enzymes remove those contaminants, and then actually stay in your carpet to protect it against future infestations.  Our organic cleaning services will provide a deep and long lasting clean for the carpet in your home or place of business.

Please call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ for the best carpet cleaning services, all throughout New Jersey.

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