Drape and Curtain Cleaning

Window curtains and drapes are some of the toughest parts of the home to keep clean.   They are also one of the parts of the home that homeowners tend to clean the least.   Vacuuming alone unfortunately will not provide your window dressings with the deep cleaning they need to keep them looking fresh and new.  Vacuuming alone also will not remove all of the dust and soil within the fabrics that can cause indoor air quality issues within your home and affect the health of you and your family.  Carpet Cleaning Maid’s NJ professional curtains and drapes cleaning services help homes and businesses all across New Jersey make sure that their window dressings not only look clean, but are clean.

Curtains and Drapes Should Be Cleaned Regularly, and Professionally

Many homeowners ignore their curtains and drapes for too longs.  Unfortunately, that can actually cause health problems for family members of all ages.  Curtains and drapes cam become breeding grounds for mildew, mold, dust mites, and all sorts of other unwanted guests.  Left untreated, those pests can cause allergies, spread disease, and make asthma symptoms worse than they need to be.

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we will use specially formulated, non-toxic, and completely safe cleaners to fully disinfect and clean your window dressings.  And those unwanted guests we talked about before will be tossed out of the house.

How does Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ clean your curtains and drapes?  Our team of experienced professionals can use a number of sophisticated cleaning techniques.  We will help you select the best technique based on the material of your curtains and drapes, as well as the type of stain that we will be treating.  For especially deep stains, we might suggest trying wet extraction cleaning.  When we perform wet extraction cleaning services, our experienced professionals use special equipment to apply a powerful cleaner to your window dressings.  Then, we will combine that powerful cleaning solution with high temperature, which will quickly loosen up any stains and dirt in your window dressings.  Finally, we will remove that grime with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.

For more delicate fabrics, our team will use a dry cleaning method.  Since no water is used, not even the most fragile fabrics will be damaged by dry cleaning.  Instead of water, we will use a dry solution that sucks up dirt and dust like a sponge.  For really tough stains, we can use a combination of wet and dry cleaning methods.  After we have finished our cleaning services, your window dressings will be free of stains, dust, and dirt, and will look and smell like new.

We Will Make Your Window Dressings Look and Smell Great

We will also make your curtains and drapes smell like new, too.  Over time, accumulated moisture can create an unpleasant odor in your window dressings.  Carpet Cleaning Maid’s NJ deodorizing treatment will take care of that odor, and your curtains and drapes will smell fresh and new.

Just like the carpets and upholstery in your home, curtains and drapes need to be cleaned regularly, thoroughly, and professionally.  With a regular schedule of professional cleaning, your window dressings will last for a longer time—which means you’ll save on the cost of replacing them.

Keeping your curtains and drapes clean will make your home look more welcoming.  It can also make your home safer and cleaner.  Please call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ for a free quote for curtains and drapes cleaning, all throughout New Jersey.

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