Marble Restoration

Marble is a great addition to any home.  Part of the charm of marble is that it is a very complex stone that is completely unlike the mass-produced materials that make up most modern homes today.  But the complexity of marble can also make marble very hard to maintain in an attractive condition.  Marble can be worn down due to reactions to common cleaning products, spills, and everyday foot traffic.  If you want your marble to continue looking good, it is very important to have a marble maintenance plan in place.  At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we offer the best marble restoration and marble maintenance services all throughout New Jersey.  We can help you develop a comprehensive plan to keep your marble in great condition for many years to come.

We Have the Tools and Experience to Restore Your Marble

Here at Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we can offer you a number of services to help you maintain your marble floors, marble counters, and any other marble fixtures.  We are always available to deeply and thoroughly clean your marble surfaces, like we do with your carpets, upholstery, window dressings, and tile.  In addition, though, our experienced professionals can also restore and repair marble that is cracked, beginning to lose its sheen, or otherwise is being damaged by everyday use.  Some of the most common marble restoration techniques include:


We use the grinding process when it is necessary to remove relatively large amounts of material from the surface of your marble.  This technique comes in very useful when your marble stones are not set flush against each other.  This can happen, for example, if your marble stones were not laid correctly to begin with by the installer.  By grinding away the surface of the highest marble stones, we can reset the levels of the stones so that they are all equal to each other.  This would give your marble floor a clean and even appearance.


We use the honing process, which involves smoothing your marble with abrasives, to remove unsightly scratches and to provide your marble with an attractive matte finish.  This will give your floors, counters, and fixtures a deeply rich look.


The polishing process, like the honing process, also involves the smoothing of the stone with abrasives.  With polishing, though, the goal is not give the marble a matte finish, but rather to make your marble shine.  If you call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ to polish your marble floors, you will be amazed by how lustrous they will look.

All of the marble restoration processes described above require expensive equipment and professional expertise in order to successfully bring out the beauty of your marble.  Our expert team of marble restoration professionals has that equipment, as well as years of experience in making marble look great.  If you are looking for help in figuring out how to clean, maintain, and restore the marble floors, marble counters, and other marble fixtures in your home, we have all of the answers you need.  Please call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ for all of your marble restoration needs, all throughout New Jersey.

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