Carpet Maintenance

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we are always ready and willing to help you out with major carpet problems, like stains and burn marks.  We can also give your carpet regular deep cleanings, to make sure that it is easier to care for on a day-to-day basis.  One of the most important parts of taking care of your carpet, though, is a regular carpet maintenance program.  Done right, a regular carpet maintenance program will help make sure that you never develop serious carpet issues in the first place.  It will also extend the life of your carpet, and make sure that your carpet looks beautiful and new for years to come.

On this page, our experienced team of professionals provides you with some basic carpet maintenance tips that will increase the lifespan of your carpet.  Please call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, and we can help you develop a carpet maintenance program for your unique carpet, all throughout New Jersey.

A Rug Is the First Line of Defense for Your Carpet

One of the most important aspects of carpet maintenance to remember is that high traffic areas will receive the most wear and damage over the life of the carpet.  For these areas, one technique to consider is laying down rugs or mats.  That way, the highest traffic areas will not be worn down much more quickly than the less trafficked areas.  Evening out the amount of wear will extend the life of your carpet, as a whole.  It’s much less expensive to clean or replace a rug, than it is to clean or replace your whole carpet!

It is especially important that you place a rug or mat by the entrance to your home or business.  Traffic from outside brings in moisture, soil, and even harmful contaminants.  Place rugs at all of the entrances to your home or business, so that they can absorb all of that moisture and soil.  Then, clean the rugs on a regular basis.  It’s the simplest and most effective kind of carpet maintenance—making sure that your carpet doesn’t get dirty in the first place!  At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we can help you develop a rug placement plan for your unique home or office.

You Can Often Take Care of Shedding and Sprouting Yourself

Another important part of carpet maintenance is to understand which problems you can take care of yourself, without any danger to your carpet, and which require expert assistance.  One issue that you can usually take care of yourself is “shedding,” when loose fibers or fluff balls begin to stick out of your carpet over time.  Normally, this natural process should not be cause for alarm.  If you vacuum regularly with a good quality vacuum cleaner, the carpet’s shedding should disappear on its own.  Also, you might notice yarn tufts “sprouting” over the pile surface.  Just snip the tops of these tufts off with scissors to make them level with the rest of the carpet.  NEVER pull them out, though!  Using these tips, you should be able to take care of most shedding and sprouting issues yourself.  However, if you are having consistent problems with shedding, sprouting, or any other physical issue concerning your carpet, please contact Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ for a carpet maintenance consultation.

Maintaining Your Area Rugs

Finally, if you use area rugs along with your carpet, keeping those rugs clean should be an important part of your carpet maintenance plan.  If you find that your area rugs are dirty, fading, discolored, or bleeding their colors into the carpet below, please call our experienced team of professionals for complete rug cleaning services.  Please call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ  for the best carpet maintenance services, all throughout New Jersey.

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