Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we specialize in keeping your store, office, or other place of business looking great.  For any business, your carpet is the first impression that you’ll make on walk-in customers and potential clients.  With Carpet Cleaning Maid’s NJ commercial carpet cleaning services, you will make a great first impression on them.  As businesspeople ourselves, we appreciate the need for economical and effective service, so that is what we provide to all of our customers.  Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ provides the most reliable commercial carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning services, all throughout New Jersey.

We Want to Work With You

Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ wants to work with you to build a custom designed commercial maintenance plan for your business.  Our experienced team of cleaning professionals has cleaned all sorts of carpets, upholstery, and window dressings, in all sorts of commercial settings.  We know that every business presents unique challenges—the carpets of some businesses receive an amazing amount of foot traffic every day, while the carpets of some other businesses receive less daily foot traffic than even your typical residential carpet would in a day.

To help you develop a custom commercial maintenance plan for your business, a member of our experienced cleaning team would visit your place of business to take a look at the current condition of your carpet, upholstery, and window dressings, and the way that those materials function within your unique business environment.  Based on our initial inspection visit, we would be able to propose an ongoing cleaning and maintenance schedule, and help you to decide which particular cleaning methods are best suited for your unique business.

In terms of the schedule, Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ is not in the business of cleaning your carpet for no reason.  We would like to help you develop a schedule that will keep your business looking great, without making you waste money on unnecessary cleanings.  We will also work on your schedule, when cleaning will be the most convenient for your business.

We Have the Expertise to Make Your Business Look Great

In terms of the cleaning methods that we can utilize for your business, Carpet Cleaning Maid’s NJ team is expert at all types of commercial cleaning techniques, ranging all the way from hot water extraction (“steam cleaning”) to dry cleaning.  Each cleaning technique is great for a certain type of carpet, and for particular commercial settings and business situations.  For twenty-four hour a day businesses, for example, dry extraction cleaning is a quick and easy process that will not interfere with your business operations.  All of our methods use completely safe, non-toxic cleaners that will keep your workplace healthy and pleasant.  For some jobs, we can also offer specially designed organic cleaning solutions.

A clean business means that your employees will want to work harder and your customers will want to spend more.  Call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ today for all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs, as well as your commercial upholstery and drapery cleaning needs, all throughout New Jersey.

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