Privacy Policy

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ we are very serious about maintaining the privacy of our customers. Our privacy policy here outlines the kind of information that we collect and receive as you use the services of our website as well as the steps that we take for safeguarding your information. This privacy policy is intended to help our customers know what to expect when they share any personal information on our website. Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ tries to maintain high standards of privacy, integrity and fairness in all of our operations. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our online visitors, consumers and customers on this website.

Personal information

Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ collects information that would be personally identifiable from the visitors to this website voluntarily. The information that is collected can include name, email address, postal address, telephone number and company name. during the course of the visit to our website, you might submit some of your personal information to us and this privacy policy only governs the policy which would apply to this website only. Any link that you follow from this site would be a different one and any information that you might submit on those links would not be our responsibility.

We may also gather information of other nature on our website which would not be identifiable or personal. This information can be related to how you use this site, the amount of time you browse our site, the kind of browser used, any activity, links followed etc. This information is mostly used by us for our private analysis and would not be identified to a particular visitor but would be viewed collectively. However, in the event of you making a request for an appointment or request for a quote from us, we would require you to submit some of your personal information. However, we would not ask you to submit you credit card details or any other financial information.

Use of Personal Information

Any personal information that would be collected on the site would not be shared with or sold to any other individual or company that is not affiliated to our company without your permission. However, the information may be shared with government companies or agencies if it is required by the law. All information that is collected on this website is stored on a secured server and would be password protected. Unless a confidentiality agreement has been signed, this information would not be accessed by our contractors, agents or any of our employees. We may use this information to send out information and offer emails but you can remove your details from the mailing list at any time that you wish by contacting us.

This information would be collected if you participate in any of our services or ask for any quotes or services from our website. The information would also be collected if you join or sign up for our mailing list. Any information that we collect is reviewed internally to use it for improving our website content, notify the visitors about any of our updates and to respond to our visitor queries.

Once this information is reviewed by us, it would be stored in the files. If we make any changes in the personal information collection,  we would inform our customers and visitors immediately. All personal information received by us would only be used internally and would not be provided or sold to any third party.

Use of Web Beacons and Cookies

We might use cookies on our website for personalizing your experience with us. These cookies are identifiers which are transferred to the hard drive of your computer through the web browser. This would help our systems recognize the browser that you use. The main purpose of using cookies is to inform the server when you return to a specific page. If you register with any of our services, the cookies would enable Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ to recall the specific information on your previous visits.

You would have the ability to decline or accept the cookies by modifying the web browser. However, if you do decline the cookies you might not be able to enjoy some of the interactive features which we offer to our clients on this site.

Web beacons are transparent image files which are used for monitoring your journey across this website. They might also be known as web bugs and are very commonly used by many websites and third party services for monitoring traffic. These can be used along with the cookies for better understanding of how the visitors respond with the content and web pages on the site. We may also use advertisements of third parties that might be using web beacons and cookies when they are placed on our website to know how many times the advertisements have been seen. However, any personal information that you provide us would not be provided to these parties for web beacon or cookie use.

Some of the advertisements may also be provided by Google where cookies would be used for serving ads on our site. Google makes use of the Dart Cookies which would enable it to post these ads to the users of our sites. These cookies would help Google determine the number of visitors on this site as well as the number of visitors that follow through those ads. If you do not wish to use the Dart Cookie by Google, you might want to opt out of it. This can be done by visiting the AD and Content Privacy Policy on Google. You can set your browser in such a way that they would reject or accept the cookies or they can even notify you whenever a cookie is being sent to you. You can also make use of privacy software for overriding the web beacons if you want. Either of the actions that you take would not cause any problems at all with our site so you would be free to choose.

Protection and Privacy Act for Children

Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ is a website which has been made for the use of adults and for their service. This website has not been directed to children under 13 years of age. We ensure that our website is in compliance with the Online Privacy and Protection Act for Children. We ensure that we would not collect or make use of any personal information from children under 13 years of age knowingly.

Non Personal Information

Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ may also collect some information other than what has been listed above. This would be non personal information and would not be identifiable to any particular individual or visitor to this website. This information is collected mainly for analyzing various trends related to this website, to administer this site, for tracking the movement of our users when they visit this website and for getting more demographic information. All of this information helps us to understand more about the user base for our website. We only make use of this information for our internal purpose and we would not share it with any other organization or use it commercially for any purpose.

Information Release

In the event of the sale of Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ to another party, any information that we would have collected over the course of our business through voluntary participation of the visitors on this site might be transferred to our new owner. This would be a part of the site sale and is essential so that the services that would be provided to you would continue as before. However, in this event we would ensure that all of our customers and visitors get a notice through the website about the chance in the practices and control of the site. We will also make efforts to make sure that the purchaser would honour any requests for opting out from our customers.

Removing and Correcting Any Information

This privacy policy has been designed as our commitment to our visitors and customers for protection your personal information. In the event that you would like to update or delete any of the information that you have earlier submitted on our website, you would be able to do so. If you do not wish to have your information with us any longer, you can contact us and we would be ensure that your information would be deleted from our database.

Effective Date and Updates

Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ has the right to make any changes in our privacy policy. If there is any material change in our policy and practices, we would notify you of the changes through our website and would provide you a link to our new policy changes. We encourage all of our visitors and customers to review this policy periodically so that you would know if any changes have been made recently.

Agreement to Terms

If you do not agree to the privacy policy of Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ as has been posted here on our website, please do not use the services offered on this site or submit any personal information.

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