Fine Rug Cleaning

A well-constructed rug is one of the finest purchases that you can make for your home.  If you invest wisely, a rug can last for many years, and can give your home a vibrant and stylish look.  However, rugs can be an expensive investment, and you have to be careful to maintain them properly.  Without professional rug cleaning and care assistance, your rugs can start to look rough and ragged, and their details and beauty will be hidden.

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we provide the best rug care and maintenance services in New Jersey.  If you regularly use our rug cleaning services, you will be able to keep your rugs in great condition for years to come.

Our Rug Care Services

Do you need Carpet Cleaning Maid’s NJ rug cleaning services?  If you have owned a quality rug for over two years and have never had it professionally cleaned, we definitely recommend that you contact us to schedule a cleaning appointment.  Over time, dirt and dust can become trapped deep within your rug’s fibers.  As a result, the colors of your rug can fade, and spotting of the rug can occur.  If you have your rug professionally cleaned on a regular basis, we can help extend the life of your rug and restore its appearance.  Here’s another test to determine whether your rug needs a professional cleaning: pick up the corner of your rug and kick the back of the rug.  If a cloud of dirt and dust appears, you definitely need to schedule a professional cleaning!

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we clean all types of rugs, ranging from the handmade and antique to the modern acrylic, from Persian to Oriental.  We will treat your rugs with special care and attention, selecting the best available cleaning methods to match your rug’s unique materials and design.  First, we will inspect your rug carefully.  Based on its size, materials, color, and any existing issues, including damage, spots, or stains, we will help you select the right cleaning process for your rug.  Next, our pre-spotting services can take care of spots, stains, and heavily soiled areas of all kinds.  We will then use specially designed compressed air dusters to remove dirt, dust, and soil from deep inside of your rug.  Then, our expert rug cleaning team will carefully wash your rug, making sure to remove ground-in soils without harming the rug in any way. Thanks to cleaning formulas that have been specially designed for different types of rugs, we are able to provide a deep, non-toxic, and damage-free clean that will retain and restore your rug’s bright colors and original lustre.  We will then rinse the rug to remove the cleaning agents, excess water, and any dust residue.  Finally, we will quickly dry out your rug and return it to you for presentation in your home once more.

Quality Matters

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we believe that the beautiful details of your rug deserve a professional cleaner who will pay attention to them at every step of the cleaning process.  Please call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ for all of your rug cleaning, care, and repair needs, all throughout New Jersey.

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