Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is one of the most treasured possessions in your home.  A high quality piece of furniture can last you and your family a lifetime.  However, it can be very difficult to keep your furniture clean and looking like new.  One important part of furniture maintenance is regular upholstery cleaning.  Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ offers the best upholstery cleaning service, all throughout New Jersey.

Upholstery Cleaning is a Job For Professionals

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we know that maintaining your upholstery can be a tough task.  That’s why our team of experienced professionals applies sophisticated cleaning methods and specially designed, non-toxic cleaning formulas to provide you with the best results.  We can also take care of problems—like mildew and mold—that can actually cause health problems for you and your family.  Mildew, mold, and other organic irritants can become lodged in your furniture, and affect the air quality inside of your home.  These pests can cause allergic reactions and make asthma symptoms worse for you and your family.  Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ will give your furniture’s upholstery a deep clean that can dramatically improve the indoor air quality of your home and extend your furniture’s life for many years to come.

A lot of companies claim to offer upholstery cleaning services, but very few companies actually understand the art that is involved in making sure that upholstery cleaning is done thoroughly and professionally.  There are several methods for upholstery and furniture cleaning, and the right cleaning method depends on the material of the upholstery and the types of stains that need to be cleaned.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

At Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ, we will always help you choose the right cleaning method for your unique pieces of furniture.  For especially deep stains, we might suggest trying wet extraction cleaning.  When we perform wet extraction cleaning services, our experienced professionals use special equipment to apply a powerful cleaner to your furniture.  Based on the type of your furniture’s fabric and the kinds of stains that we will need to clean, we will select precisely the right cleaning solution for the job.  Then, we will combine the most effective cleaning solution with high temperature, which will quickly loosen up any stains and dirt in your upholstery.  Finally, we will remove that grime with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.

For more delicate fabrics, our team will use a dry cleaning method.  Since no water is used, not even the most fragile fabrics will be damaged by dry cleaning.  Instead of water, we will use a dry solution that sucks up dirt and dust like a sponge.  For really tough stains, we can use a combination of wet and dry cleaning methods.  After we have finished our upholstery cleaning services, your furniture will be free of stains, dust, and dirt, and will look and smell like new.

Our team of experienced upholstery cleaning professionals will help you keep your furniture looking great for years to come.  Please call Carpet Cleaning Maid NJ for all of your upholstery cleaning needs, all throughout New Jersey.

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